Baby Care Lambskin


Research shows babies sleep longer and are more content on lambskins! The cuddly lambs’ wool provides a soothing environment which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool has the ability to breathe and can hold moisture without feeling damp (up to 33% of its own dry weight where cotton is 8%, and Synthetic only 1%). This ability to absorb perspiration by the lambskin enhances your baby’s efforts to keep cool in hot weather. In cold weather the air trapped by the millions of wool fibres stops the baby’s body heat from escaping keeping baby warm and the moisture absorbent quality keeps them dry.

Lambskin requires less cleaning than other fibres because wool has natural anti-static qualities which does not attract dust so stays cleaner longer. Baby care rugs can easily be machine washed and dried.

Lambskin can fit snugly into your car seat, pram or push chair, and is easily carried when travelling by plane, train or bus allowing baby to awake in familiar surroundings. A truly portable bed which can also assist in the transition from infant bed to a larger one!

Lambskin is especially helpful for children with skin problems. Body weight is evenly distributed over the lambskin enhancing circulation and reducing summer heat rash.

This is not an ordinary floor rug, baby care skins are handpicked, nontoxic and sterilised to meet exacting standards for infant use.

Baby care rugs are available in shorn or soft (longer fleece)

(For a more tailored pram fit see our buggy rug)


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