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Medical Product Information

Manufactured here in New Zealand The Woolskin Company have begun creating medical products from Zip front sheepskin boots to medical sheepskin rugs.

Zip Front Boot

After a customer came into see us looking for footwear which would give him easy access and give him great comfort on his feet we new exactly what he needed. Our Sheepskin Zip front Medical boot, with the zip opening down the front of the boot and an 18mm wool pile sheepskin lining gave them great ease of access and delightful comfort on their feet. They come in sizes Small (Woman’s size 5-6 Men’s size 3-4) Medium (Woman’s size 7-8 Men’s size 5-6) Large (Woman’s size 9-10 Men’s Size 7-8) X-Large (Woman’s size 11-12 Men’s size 9-10)

Flexi Slipper

Slipper with an extra-wide opening and adjustable Velcro strap

Many people have medical conditions and foot irregularities we can offer a range of sheepskin footwear which can help….

Many people don’t realize that their feet continue to change size and shape as they age. You can run into problem where you no longer fit your shoes, or any shoe you try on is uncomfortable or painful. This is where our flexi slipper comes in helpful. It has an adjustable Velcro strap which fully opens up creating a wide opening to give your feet very easy access into the slipper. The slipper is designed so that even after you have strapped up the Velcro it still feels great on your feet, this being because it has spacious room for your feet, breathable uppers to reduce sweating and skin breakdown, also the sheepskin feels great on your feet.

The slipper offers warmth and comfort of sheepskin with the versatility of an adjustable Velcro opening to the slipper can accommodate their needs in swollen and sore feet.

The slipper comes with an indoor and outdoor sole so they can be used wherever you go.