Its only Natural; the very stuff of life itself because wool is not made it is born. Wools natural crimp, breathability and its fire retardance makes Sheepskin a unique material for providing warmth, comfort and durability.

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    Baby Care Lambskin

    Research shows babies sleep longer and are more content on lambskin...

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    Buggy Rug

    Lovely sheepskin with holes cut for buggy straps to ensure the perf...

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    Double Sheepskin

    Two Skins joined together end on end. Also available in a Duo, s...

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    Quarto Sheepskin

    A fantastic addition to any room or couch....

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    Sheepskin - Octo

    Will add a true sense of luxury to any room....

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    Sheepskin - One & Half

    Size: Length 130cm x 60cm approx wide....

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    Sheepskin - Sexto

    Great for that bigger area or on top of the Queen's sized bed...

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    Sheepskin Single

    In-store we stock a small range of coloured rugs....