Fleece Ease -Medical Rug


Perfect for those who through age, injury or ill health are compelled to spend long periods in bed.

Dense wool fibres and leather cushion and insulate the body. Wool absorbs up to 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and leather draws this away to create a zone of comfort and ease. Ideal for use in your favourite chair, on a plane or in bed. Any where comfort and relaxation is a priority.

Fleece ease medical tannage ensures soft wool fibres locked into a durable leather backing, this enables fleece ease to withstand repeated laundering and maintain pile density far longer than alternatives. Fleece ease can be machine washed and dried.

When you sit on a lambskin you literally sit on a cushion of air. Every wool fibre in the lambskin has a natural wave or crimp, which permit airflow and allow the wool pile to give when you change position. This give minimises abrasion of the skin when posture is changed and therefore helps to increase comfort.

These medical rugs are ideal for providing additional comfort from injuries or assisting in the prevention or healing of bed sores because of their ability to cushion and disperse pressure spots, consequently increasing circulation.


Available in: Single-$170, 1.5 -$265, Double -$350. Please note there may be a difference in freight charge for 1.5 and double rugs.

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